Breast surgery

Beautiful breasts are the dream of any woman - and breast surgery is a real and effective way to achieve this. The desire to improve the shape or size of the breast may be associated with both small and large breasts that can cause psychological and physical inconvenience to the woman. Breast surgery can also solve other problems - it prevents the appearance of a thin chest, lifting the mammary gland and correcting chest asymmetry using breast size, shape and other parameters. A separate problem is gynaecomastia (enlarged mammary gland for men). This is a problem that can be solved with plastic surgery. Different implant insertion and fixation techniques are available in the breast surgery. In each case, the method of surgery is determined individually and co-ordinated between the doctor and the patient. With the help of modern technology - 3D modeling - patients can evaluate all desired breast shapes and sizes. Breast surgery is characterized by a low number of injuries and scars due to surgical intervention. Breast augmentation with patient's own fat (lipophilia) Many patients are interested in increasing their breasts with their fat or thoracic lipophilia. It has become quite popular for breast augmentation. Today, fat injection technologies have significantly improved.Mastectomy or breast augmentation is an operation performed after pregnancy and breast feeding, or age-related metabolic processes (loss of elasticity of the skin), in case of weight loss. The operation involves re-dividing the volume of the chest and adjusting the position of the bust and arrula. Complete recovery lasts 2-4 months. Mamoplasty - breast augmentation - is one of the most commonly performed operations in global plastic surgery. High demand for breast augmentation can be explained by the proven efficacy of surgery with a short rehabilitation period.

Surgical breast lifting or mastopexia is a good solution for women who want to make their breasts stronger, less slippery and look younger.

Breast lifting can rejuvenate the shape of the figure, helping to regain the size and shape of the former breast lost as a result of gravity. The surgery prevents the breast from falling down and, if necessary, improves the appearance and location of the isols.

If you lose your breast volume over the years or after feeding your baby and want to make them more bulky, you can place implants at the same time as breast augmentation, thereby increasing the chest to the desired size.

In many cases, women want to lift their breasts to correct the congenital asymmetry if one breast is well developed and the other is undeveloped.

Breast lifting or asymmetry correction surgery can be performed at any age, but plastic surgeons usually recommend it when breast development is over.

Breast lifting does not affect the next pregnancy, as well as the possibility of breastfeeding because during the operation the mammary glands and nipples are not injured.

Possible to lift breasts of any size.

By evaluating individual anatomical peculiarities and desires for a particular result, an experienced surgeon helps to choose the most appropriate surgery method.

Depending on the degree of breast drop, different cutting techniques may be used, but most often one cut is made around the breast isole, the next one goes vertically from the isola to the underarrow and, if necessary, the third breast underneath, which is embedded in the natural undercut fold.

When cut skin is cut off and the desired shape of the breast is created, the isola and nipple are in a higher position. Wound healing requires one to two weeks, scars become more invisible over time.

Breast lifting is performed under general anesthesia.

In-patient medical supervision is limited to one day.

For a better cosmetic effect, it is recommended to wear a special post-operative bras one month after the operation. It reduces swelling, improves chest appearance and makes you feel more comfortable.

Clinic staff take care while the patient is fully recovered.


Breast augmentation is a surgery that improves breast shape and size with implants. This is for a number of reasons:

to improve body contours for women who, for personal reasons, think their breasts are too small
to regain lost breast volume, which is reduced after pregnancy, weight loss or aging,
to prevent chest asymmetry
if breast reconstruction is required after oncological surgery.
The breast augmentation surgery uses implants placed just below the breast gland or deeper under the chest front wall muscle.

The choice of implants is very wide, they vary in size, volume and shape so that each woman can find the most appropriate one.

Silicone implants have a multi-layered smooth or textured silicone shell. They are filled with silicone gel. Saltwater implants are also available.

Silicone is a very widely used and necessary material in our everyday life. It is used in all fields of medicine, including surgery - implants, prostheses and other medical devices, which is also the best choice for aesthetic and reconstructive operations.

Current medical research has shown that silicone gel-filled breast implants do not cause silicone allergy, silicone intoxication, and do not increase the risk of tumor formation. Silicone implants do not affect a woman's health, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

There is no reason to think that implants should be changed to others for preventive purposes during their lifetime.

When inserting implants, the cut lines are small. Typically, one of three localization sites is selected: below the breast, along the lower edge of the isola, or in the armpits. The cutting lines are made so that the scars are as unobtrusive as possible. Over time, scars become almost invisible.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In-patient medical supervision is limited to one day.

For a better cosmetic effect after surgery, it is recommended to wear a special post-operative bras for one month. It reduces swelling, improves chest appearance and makes you feel more comfortable.

The new look of the breasts gives you more freedom in the choice of clothing, underwear and swimwear and makes you feel more confident and free in all your life situations.


If the breasts are too large, the breast reduction surgery can significantly improve the quality of life.

Severe and large breasts often cause neck, back and shoulder pain as well as physical and psycho-emotional problems.

The benefit of breast reduction surgery is not just smaller and more beautiful breasts. It frees you from psychological and emotional discomfort, and gives you freedom of movement in sports, physical activities, and much more choice in clothing.

During the operation, the excess breast volume and skin are removed, the breasts gain beautiful proportions. If necessary, also make isola correction.

Breast reduction surgery does not affect the next pregnancy, as well as the ability to nourish the baby, because during the operation the mammary glands and nipples are not injured.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age, but plastic surgeons usually recommend it when breast development is over.

Possible to reduce breasts of any size.

An experienced surgeon helps to choose the most appropriate surgery method for each woman, determined by individual anatomical peculiarities and desires for a specific result.

Depending on the degree of breast drop, different cutting techniques may be used, but most often one cut is made around the breast isole, the next one goes vertically from the isola to the underarrow and, if necessary, the third breast underneath, which is embedded in the natural undercut fold.

Wound healing takes one to two weeks, and scars become more invisible over time.

Breast lifting is performed under general anesthesia. In-patient medical supervision is limited to one day.

For a better cosmetic effect, it is recommended to wear a special post-operative bras one month after the operation. It reduces swelling and improves chest appearance and makes you feel more comfortable.

What to know for a woman who is undergoing plastic or reconstructive breast surgery!

Weight reduction. Under no circumstances is it right to start dieting after surgery, when your breasts have got your new, beautiful look. If you plan to start a diet, then do it before surgery, because weight loss after surgery will negatively affect the new aesthetic appearance of the breast.

If you plan to become pregnant in the near future, it is better to temporarily postpone the operation because the pregnancy and the breastfeeding of the baby may damage the outcome of the operation.

A woman who has opted for breast surgery or reconstructive surgery should understand that the outcome of an operation is rarely entirely consistent with what is hoped for, and her breasts usually get their final appearance within several months, so a full evaluation of the outcome of the surgery will only be possible after half a year. Often breast enhancements are needed to achieve aesthetically good results.

Preparing for breast surgery

1. Mammologist, breast examination (mammography, ultrasound examination) and general examination:
Necessary Pre-Operational Examinations:
Ultrasound (USG) and / or mammography examination of mammary glands
general blood test
general urine analysis
blood group
blood biochemical analysis (blood sugar, liver and kidney prick),
RW, HBs Ag,
gynecologist consultation
2. Before the operation requires a 2-week rest, the use of vitamins, a complete diet; smokers should give up smoking 2 weeks before surgery.
3. Discontinuation of preparations that reduce blood clotting (acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), etc.) should be discontinued 7 to 10 days prior to surgery.
 4. Anesthesiologist consultation before surgery to prepare patients for anesthesia. Contraindications to anesthesia are possible.
 5. You should not eat, drink or smoke on the day of the surgery.
6. When entering the clinic, the breasts are measured and the results with the marker are shown in the picture (drawing). Patient's breasts are photographed.
7. On the day of the operation it is advisable to follow the bed.
8. After surgery, the woman has to wear a special compression bra for several weeks.

Possible complications and risks of breast surgery

Main types of risk during and after breast surgery:

Bleeding and inflammation.
Complications during the healing period (tissue necrosis - tissue loss) are especially characteristic of the smoker.
Decreased sensitivity of the chest and surrounding skin, as well as changes in breast temperature (the breast may become cooler after the implant is inserted).
May lose breastfeeding (more often in case of breast reduction or uplifting).
Mammary asymmetry after surgery, especially in case of breast reduction.
Formation of scar tissue capsule (contracture) after plastic with implants.

Scars after surgery around the nipple and isole - remain for life; Occasionally, hypertrophic (keloid) scars may develop.

Breast Lifting Operation - Is It Right For me?

What is breast lifting? In what cases is it worth considering and choosing? How does it happen, what you need to know and take into account before and after this operation? Read it!


Breast drop may be affected by a variety of factors, the most common being natural aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, drastic weight changes (such as weight gain and rapid loss of weight). As a result of these factors, the elasticity of the breast skin may deteriorate, the amount of breast tissue may be reduced, so the breasts may lose strength and the force of gravity is quite simple - to fall down.

Breast slipping is also promoted by regular braiding or wearing an unsuitable size bra, direct sunlight, not protecting the breast from this radiation, irregular, inappropriate and careless breast skin care.

It has to be taken into account that it is not possible to avoid completely falling from the breast because it is, unfortunately, a natural aging process. The more naturally women's breasts are, the more she can experience the consequences of slipping over the years. However, with careful care of your breasts and maximum avoidance of harmful factors, it is possible to keep them as youthful as possible. However, if the chest is distracting, the option to think about is definitely a breast lifting operation.


Breast lifting can rejuvenate the female figure, improve the shape of the fallen chest, making it feel more beautiful and desirable. Breast lifting is usually chosen by women who want the breasts to be tighter, taller and younger, but not bigger. During the breast lifting operation, the sagging, slipped breasts are lifted, getting rid of excess skin and moving the tissues and chest ends up, or simply speaking, returning the breasts to their place.

If a woman has a good breast size but is not satisfied with their shape - the breasts have slipped, only breast lifting can be done using the patient's own tissue to get a good shape, projection and appearance. Usually after this procedure the breast size does not change, but the breasts are compact, in place, the excess skin does not get out of the laundry.

Conversely, if the breasts have fallen and do not have a volume (the so-called "spaniel ears"), they can combine breast lifting and augmentation operations - the breasts are both collected and enlarged with the help of implants to the desired size.

Possible types of scars (surgery cuts) - breast lift with scar around the isola. This technique is effective if the breast is small. Anchoring or T-shaped incision breast lifting technique, if the chest is more serious, more noticeable.


In principle, breast lifting is recommended for women who are satisfied with the size and volume of their breasts, but not with a lower position because the breasts have fallen. Breast lifting can be performed on virtually any size of breast, as well as - there is no age limit, but plastic surgeons, of course, recommend this operation to women who have already completed breast development, the breasts are mature.

Breast lifting does not affect the next possible pregnancy and the possibility of breastfeeding because during the operation the mammary glands and breast ends are not injured, however - all the nuances are best discussed with the doctor before the surgery!


The operation needs to be prepared both morally and physically. During the consultation, the patient expresses his or her wishes to the doctor - who is not satisfied with what he / she wants to correct, how he / she wants to look. The doctor tells the possible options and also informs about the possible risks. During the consultation, when wearing special clothing, the patient can see how the body will look after the surgery.

Before surgery, the patient needs a gynecologist's statement that the operation can be performed from a gynecological point of view, blood and urine tests, ECG (electrocardiogram) and lung x-ray are required.

Of course, the patient must also answer honestly the questions in the “Anesthesia Questionnaire” on diseases, allergies, etc. to minimize the various risks associated with the operation.

Operation: The average duration of the breast lift operation is about 2-3 hours. The operation takes place in general anesthesia - the patient sleeps and does not feel anything during the operation. After the operation, the inpatient patient remains one day at the time of medical care and observation. Afterwards - you can go home and start the postoperative recovery process.


After surgery, you will have to wear an elastic band for about 5 days, then move on to a comfortable and breasts brassiere. The shower will be able to go after one week. One month after surgery should be avoided stretching, lifting weights, exercising, going to the pools, baths, heating in the baths, also going to the solarium etc. Threads from the operation scars have been removed for about 10-12 days. After about 1-2 weeks, you can return to work (this of course depends on the specifics of the job). Returning to the normal normal rhythm will be approximately one month after surgery. For 3 months after the operation, wear a comfortable breasted bra, plus day and night.


The result of the breast lifting operation is usually long lasting and persistent. However, if a woman does not care enough about her breasts, does not try to eliminate all possible harmful factors (not wearing a bra or wearing a bra at all, scratching the skin of the breast, not shielding from UV radiation, etc.) over time, a repeated fall of the breast tissue can occur. though it may not be as pronounced as the first time. It is, of course, also promoted by drastic changes in weight - acceptance and weight loss, as well as repeated pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  1. 1. Do Breast Enlargement Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

    Earlier, when no studies were done, no one could clearly state whether implants are causing autoimmune diseases and cancers. There was no investigation into what would happen if the implant broke down and litigation in America began. After placing the implants, women were able to receive reimbursements, even if they were suffering from headaches, rashes, and illnesses. Later it turned out that the implants are not bound by it. Subsequently, all women who had placed silicone implants in America had to participate in research. There were a total of several thousand such patients. In 2007, several decades of research were completed and a specific conclusion was made, namely, people tend to die with a variety of rare illnesses. However, when comparing groups with and without implants, the percentages of patients do not differ. This means that the implant does not protect or prevent diseases. Data does not confirm that implants increase the risk of cancer.

    "Collaborating oncologists in congresses often mention that women with implants are less likely to see abusive stages of cancer. This is most likely due to the careful attention of these patients to their health, regular examinations, changes in chest, "says a plastic surgeon.

    "An implant can even help detect cancer. If a woman has very small breasts, there are no tissues to squeeze during mammography. The implant extends the glands and makes them more transparent. The implant creates a breast that can be successfully tested and find unwanted newborns in time. "

    Oncologists however, disagrees with this: "When an implant is inserted, the breast is atrophied. It is forced from the back and the glands become smaller. It does not interfere with the feeding process at all, because the glands then increase again. However, it is not that the insertion of implants would make it easier for professionals to see and see the formations. "

    There is nothing negative about implanting an oncologist. Before surgery, it is advisable to perform the necessary examinations in order to be sure that surgery is performed in healthy tissues. "Following a breast augmentation surgery, the breast should be monitored regularly, ultrasound examination, mammography. Sometimes the implants tend to flicker or change their placement. One of the most common problems is the formation of connective tissue capsules around the implants, which often damage the cosmetic appearance that the woman wanted to get. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary for repeated operations, "explains the oncologist.

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