Face correction

The benefits of modern therapeutic and injecting cosmetology are the broad methods that help to delay this fateful day when you can not help but acknowledge that your youth is gone. And if your faded facial contours have become troublesome and discomfort you - know that plastic surgery can offer a solution to this problem that will allow you to travel 10 years ago! The face is a very dynamic body part supported by about two dozen muscle pairs. They are constantly on the move all day: we talk, eat, smile and express different emotions. They are the source of the first lines of expression. In addition, we can not overcome the reduction of tissue elasticity and gravity laws. The speed and intensity of these processes are also influenced by nature - genetics, skin density and dandruff, as well as the quality of facial skin care. Depending on all these factors, 45 is about a good age to start thinking about a dramatic approach to the problem. The effects of time on the skin can not be stopped. But it is always possible to turn back time. The key is to choose the right treatment and to put your face in the hands of experienced hands-on cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.


The face is like a business card for each of us, and it is only human to want to feel and look good. As time goes on, our body undergoes a natural aging process that also affects the skin of the face. This process is slow if we do not stimulate it ourselves, spending too little time in resting, smoking or staying in a smoky room, sunbathing or taking care of your face skin.

The aging process is very individual for each of us, but, in violation of the 40-year threshold, the first signs are obvious.

The face and neck skin becomes drier, so it loses its elasticity faster. The first small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth appear. Lip skin is especially delicate and thin, so if you do not provide the necessary care, the effect of aging on your lips is noticeable earlier. Facial tissues and adipose tissue slowly begin to fall down, changing the facial oval line, and vascular networking in the facial skin becomes more visible.

The experience of plastic surgeons shows that timely anti-aging (refreshing) procedures that provide both visible great improvements and time and money are well on the way to aging.

Modern medicine and science provide all the possibilities for aging beautifully. Have a great feeling to look in the mirror and not bother yourself with the eternal question: "Do I look as old as I have a year?"

Price about:

Face plastic € 3600
Neck plastic € 3100
Face and Eyelid Plastic € 4600
Neck Plastic - Laser Lipolysis € 2500
Face-Neck-Eyelid-Front Plastic € 5530
Facial plastic with Silhouette Lift threads € 2500
Face plastic with regenerative cells € 5600
Top or bottom eyelids € 850
Upper and lower eyelids € 1500
Upper and lower eyelids plastic + sedation € 1800
Chin-shape correction with implant € 1800
Nose shape corrections I € 2600
Nose Shape Adjustments II € 3100
Nose Shape Adjustments III € 3650
Ear shaped correction for children € 570
Ear shaped correction for adults € 1150



operation or procedure fee (implants, anesthesia expenses, medications, materials used, operating room costs)
stay in hospital for up to 1 day
surgeon's fee, staff remuneration, taxes
postoperative care in the clinic.

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Eyelid correction

Slipped upper eyelids and skin bags under the lower eyelids can cause both aesthetic defects - tired and parental appearance, as well as disturb vision, make reading difficult, etc. During the eyelid surgery, excess skin and tissue are removed, so the upper eyelids no longer obscure the eyes, but there are no bags under the lower eyelid.

Before surgery, the doctor learns about the health of the client, the medication used, etc., as well as evaluates vision and tear gland function, specifies the client's wishes, gives precise instructions on the preparation for the operation and postoperative period. It is very important to observe a number of conditions, such as cessation of smoking for at least some time, as it hampers the healing of wounds, or any restriction on the use of drugs or vitamins, etc.

In the absence of visible scars after surgery, the incisions are made with the natural lines of the eyelids. In some cases, the incisions can be made inside the lower eyelid. Wounds are sewn with very fine threads or ones that are absorbed by themselves. Threads are usually removed one week after surgery. After removing the threads and decreasing the swelling, you can use decorative cosmetics. You can usually return to work a week after the operation. It is recommended to use sunglasses because the eyes can be sensitive to light.

Duration of the operation: 45 minutes to 2 hours. Stationary with local anesthesia.

Face Lifting of facial skin

Most often, the first signs of aging are seen in the face and neck area. Deeper folds, wrinkles appear, skin becomes rigid, hanging, double chin often occurs, fatty tissue accumulates. To prevent this, you can use a facial skin stretching operation. This can be done for both women and men. The facial skin stretching operation is unable to stop the skin aging process, but is able to make the face more youthful and "fresher".

Before surgery, the surgeon will carefully evaluate not only the condition of the face skin, but also the general state of health, the medications used, etc. It is recommended to smoke or stop smoking for a few weeks before the surgery, as smoking prolongs the healing and recovery process. Blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin should not be used before surgery.

During the operation, the excess fatty tissue and skin are removed, the facial muscles underneath it and the skin of the face and neck are stretched out. The cuts are made on both sides of the ears and hair, next to the hairline. If the skin of the lower part of the skin is stretched, the skin of the cheek, the scar and the neck are smoothed. The upper parts of the face during the stretching operation smooth the wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. If the whole face is problematic, a full face skin stretching should be performed. If necessary, the facial skin tensioning operation can be combined with other procedures such as eyelid correction, forehead and nose wrinkles, or by filling injections into the lips with injections, as well as various skin regeneration and peeling procedures. Facial skin stretching is recommended for women and men aged 40 and over.

After surgery, the face may also be temporarily insensitive, but numbness disappears. The face may be swollen for a few weeks. The desired end result can only be seen after half a year or longer. The result usually lasts for 5 to 10 years.

Threads are removed about a week after surgery. Exercise, use of sauna and alcohol should be avoided after surgery. Direct sunlight should be avoided for years.

Duration of the operation: 2 to -3 hours. Stationary with local or general anesthesia.

Face correction

Blepharoplasty - Correction of both eyelids
1250 - 2000 EUR
Blepharoplasty - correction of upper eyelids
750 - 1200 EUR
Blepharoplasty - correction of lower eyelids
700 - 1200 EUR
Stretching the face skin
3130 EUR
Ear plastic

How to keep a youthful face for years?

Girls have been telling their mothers about having a straight back and a head since childhood, but little girls don't listen to their mother's words, but in vain. Because in the future it depends on how fast a woman will get older. The posture and the way the head is held has a very direct effect on the face oval, blood circulation and reflux of the face lymph.

Here are some more tips for keeping your youthful face for the longest possible time!

If you want to see something particularly good, open your eyes as wide as possible, but don't lift your eyebrows up. Moving your eyes at the same time is also a good exercise to increase your eye cut, which always decreases over the years, while constantly braced eyebrows quickly create unnecessary wrinkles.

Never pinch your teeth, make sure there is a 0.5 cm gap between the rear teeth. For this purpose, attention should be paid to the condition of the tongue in the mouth and should always try to hold it in the palate. This will help to keep your lips tight.

Over the years, we have a habit of getting our lips tighter. Take a little test! Access the mirror and try to completely relax your mouth. Probably your lips in this position will open. But now come back to the starting position! Pay attention - you keep your lips pinched because of the tightening of the lower lip and chin. Thus, wrinkles from the corners of the mouth and so-called «bulldog puzzles» are formed.

When we cut apples into large pieces, we tighten the mouth of the mouth to hold the food in the mouth. Excessive round muscle tension leads to wrinkles around the lips. That's why it is very important to relax your lips, keep your eyes slightly open, which also looks much sexier than tense lips, and also chews the food that bits small pieces.

We women have a nice habit of shrinking their nose. However, up to the age of 40, this habit can cause a serious problem - large nose-mouth wrinkles and cross-wrinkles on the upper body. It is better to get rid of this habit.

We often smile at such a polite penis, trying to look more polite and friendly. But at the moment, static and long-lasting, the cheek muscles create micro-spasms in it, and we create the wrinkles on the cheeks and the cheeks that are falling. To prevent this age-related defect, pay attention to how you use a toothpick or toothbrush. If during this hygienic procedure you squeeze the toothbrush too hard to reach the deepest parts of the oral cavity, you will aggravate the age-induced deformities. After such a procedure gently, but thoroughly tuck your cheeks, fill them and gently click. Facial tissue with age loses its firmness and elasticity and, after being severely compressed, returns very slowly to its former place. But if they are regularly compressed, they become deformed, thus enhancing wrinkles on the cheeks and the corners of the mouth.

To make yourself a test of excessive tension in the lower part of your face, take a photo of your youth days and compare whether your chin shape has changed. If, over the years, it has become shorter, denser, is now snapped, if there is a line under the lower lip, then that means you need to tighten the chin and so it also changes your beautiful oval line.

Facial Aging - This is largely a deformation of your face due to your wrong mimic behavior. Change your habits and aging retreats!


  1. Is Plastic Surgery Not Dangerous?

    There are possible complications during each surgical procedure. They are also possible after a plastic surgery. One way to reduce this risk is to follow the doctor's instructions carefully before and after the plastic surgery. If you have even the slightest concern about the procedure, tell them your surgeon.

  2. Does cosmetic surgery require anesthesia?

    Anesthesia is necessary for almost all surgical procedures. Ask your surgeon what anesthesia will be done in your cosmetic surgery.

  3. Modern face lift

    Unlike the recent past, when facial lifts were made only with the stretching of the skin, today's deep elevation first involves moving the subcutaneous tissue layers of the skin. This means that the structure of the muscles and the face is formed. Facial lifting can be done in combination with lipophilia - injection of the patient's own subcutaneous fat to restore the lost volume to the face. Lifting the lower face of the face can be done at the same time as the upper lifting. Face lifting not only eliminates age-related changes in the face, but also birth defects.

  4. Why and should it be done?

    As your age grows, your face looks and shape changes due to age-related changes. Your skin becomes less flexible and more fluid, and in some areas of your face the fat layer shrinks and increases in others. Age-related changes in your face that can be reduced by facial lift are different.

    Face lifting can make face and neck look younger. The results may not be continuous. With age, the facial skin can change again. In general, the appearance of the face is expected to last up to 10 years.

  5. Alternatives to face lifting:

    Patients aged 34-40 years with aging skin changes that are not particularly marked may suggest an alternative endoscopic lifting form. In this case, surgery is performed with minimal traumatic tissue. The incisions are made in the mouth and scalp. The recovery period is shorter than in the case of deep take-off. The operation has specific contraindications depending on the type of face. For those who are not yet ready for surgical intervention, you can use an update technology known as the Ulthera system. The ultrasound wave can affect not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous layer of the face, neck and decollete area.


  6. Correction of congenital / acquired deformities of the ears
    Depressed or leaving ears or trauma caused by damaged ears is the most common cause of ear correction surgery. Responding ears often cause psychological discomfort, so to avoid unpleasant moments later in the community, it is best to have such correction operations for children at preschool age. During surgery, the ear forms the desired shape for the cartilage. The cut is done behind the ear, so the scar is not visible. In the first weeks, a flexible link should be worn around the head.

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