Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Manual face plastic

Manual face plastic

- Our face changes over the years. Its shape, color and texture of soft tissues change. We are used to the fact that age is oval loss of the face, horizontal and vertical wrinkles, excess skin, edema / bloating and fat.

When it comes to height correction, we understand that physical activity and nutrition can cope with this problem. But what to do with the face? We can do skin feeding to a beautician, but how do we act on the changed face shape? Can it, just like the body, re-create, rejuvenate, rejuvenate?

Recent discoveries in aesthetics of osteopathy, facial fitness, and manual work with facials have opened up new ways of refreshing and maintaining face shape using natural techniques.

Age-related facial changes

Our face consists of bones, muscles, subcutaneous fat and skin. And each of these ingredients determines our aging - the skull bones dry up with age, the muscles deform, the subcutaneous fat loses its smoothness, the skin is covered with wrinkles.

Along with age and unfavorable mimic habits, spasms may occur from the constant tension in the facial muscles, they may become shorter, and may cause painful trigger points. 99% of women have face-to-face microscopic and trigger points, but they don't feel it. They can only be identified by deep palpation of the face. Why? If a muscle in the body is too tight, it has spasms, it is shortened, we immediately feel it as a pain or restriction of movement.

But with facial muscles nothing like this happens, as mimic and skeletal muscles are attached to the bones in different ways. Skeletal muscles are tightened firmly with two ends at the bone and accurately give us a signal of pain in adverse conditions, while mimic muscles are attached to the bones with just one end, but the other is entangled in the skin of the face and in no way limits our facial movements.

Muscle spasm will definitely be reflected on the smoothness and density of the subcutaneous fat layer - the face is swollen by blocked lymphatic tissue, the pores are expanded over the bumps, the epidermis deteriorates, wrinkles begin to form and dark spots of pressed skin appear in areas where subcutaneous fat is lost.

Our face begins to deform, the shortened muscle changes the facial relief and we see in the mirror - we have a nose-mouth wrinkle, a hanging oval, the formation of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, on the cheeks, the shape of the eyes changes, but we do not feel the pain and do not understand where the age has come from.

How does it work

Manual facial plastic - a complex of physiologically sound and sequentially executed manual, massage and lifting procedures that affect all levels of facial tissue and promotes facial renewal and maintenance as well as age-related changes in face and neck changes.

Manual face treatment smoothes facial muscle tone, restores blood circulation and lymphatic, improves facial tissue, improves skin condition, reduces wrinkles and wrinkles. After that, the work face becomes denser, tightened and much easier for further plastic correction and modeling.

Manual face plastic is very compatible with facial fitness, which can be mastered and carried out constantly.

Recovery effect on the whole organism

Face aging is directly related to the aging of the whole human body. However, a separate work with face and neck gives positive results and allows combining aesthetics with manual techniques, massages and facial exercises for the face and neck. In addition, restoring the face by hand, we heal the whole organism healing, since the fact that the projection of all human internal organs is present on the face has long been known. Increased muscle tension and stimulation of facial skin muscles, vascular wall and head capillary strengthening, elasticity of the brain, oxygenation of the brain, removal of muscle blocks, enhancement of collagen and elastane development, improved skin quality and facial color, enhanced vision , nerve and upper respiratory nourishment, increases immunity and resistance to stress. Cerebral vascular training as a result of muscle tension serves as the prevention of diseases such as hypertension, hypotonia, vegetative dystonia, which is especially important for women aged 45+.

When working with the body, we improve our face by working with our face, and we recover the whole body.  ?


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